23: Ins and Outs of the Client Onboarding Process

Client Onboarding Process.png

What you do right after the contract is signed can make all the difference in your client engagements. Under-explain, and you risk the client losing trust that you have their project under control. It’s important to have a documented onboarding process so that your client knows what to expect during each phase of your project roadmap. 

What is new client onboarding?

  • Some form of communication (call, email, etc.) with your client right after they sign the contract that lets them know what to expect throughout the process of working with you.

Things to include in your new client onboarding

  • A review of the contract and deliverables

  • An overview of your project plan with dates

  • A list of anything you might need from them

  • Information about how communication will work (Weekly calls? Do you prefer email over phone? etc.)

Benefits of creating a client onboarding process

  • Client is confident in your plan

  • Client is less likely to email/call you as frequently with questions or to get updates

  • Less likely that you have to wait for the assets you need to get started

What happens when you don’t have an onboarding process?

  • Client gets anxious that you’ll miss something

  • Client starts to dictate/micromanage

  • You’ll end up dealing with a lot of client communication


Kameron Jenkins