21: Diversifying your income as a service based business

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How to scale when you offer a service

  • People are working more hours without auditing their time or calculating how much their time is worth

  • It’s time to think about diversifying your income to working smarter and not harder

Higher Quality Clients

  • I know the popular thing entrepreneurs are saying is to raise your prices. But you can’t do that for no reason

    • Experience

    • Strategy

    • Value - big or small companies, etc.

  • Ask yourself-what do larger companies do?

  • Branding yourself to attract the right people

    • Knowing the channels and places they can find you

  • SEO - big companies are found when you type in services on Google!

Service offerings

  • The obvious thing people think of when diversifying are only products. This doesn’t have to be the case

  • First of all, are you booked up? Do you have a waiting list? Time to raise prices and hire a team!

  • One-on-one/one time offerings

    • Audits

    • Strategy sessions

    • Calls where client does most of the work after

  • Consulting and strategy are high ticket items

    • If you have the knowledge and experience, it’s time to leverage that

  • One-to-many

    • Masterminds

    • Group coaching

    • Memberships

Product offerings

  • Live trainings paid / live webinars

  • Templates/digital products/tools

  • Ebooks

  • Courses

  • In person workshops/conferences

  • Software/apps

Franzine Mackley