24: Grow Your Traffic While You Sleep Using Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

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Franzine sits down with Meagan Williamson to talk about how she’s grown her business using Pinterest. Meagan is a Pinterest consultant and industry expert. She has been working with brands for over 5 years teaching them how to use Pinterest to grow their business and increase brand awareness. 

Mindset Shift With Your Content

  • You don’t own your content when you’re on social media 

  • It’s important to diversify where your referral traffic comes from

  • Try to create content for the long run

    • Where will it live? How will people find it?

Pinterest is a great platform for more than just bloggers

  • It’ s great for entrepreneurs and business owners

  • You can get leads and clients from Pinterest

Use Pinterest to test out your audience

  • There’s no one size fits all formula

  • Learn about your target market

  • Try out different pieces of content

  • Try out different designs

Benefits of using Pinterest

  • Meagan is able to get customers and referrals when she’s not working

  • You actually own your content because it goes straight to your site

  • There are powerful analytics

    • You’ll learn a lot about your ideal customers!


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