20: How to make 50k in a year with zero followers with Jen Conger


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Jen is a former corporate director of marketing turned social media coach, writer, speaker, and all around storytelling junkie. Her passion is for helping service-based female entrepreneurs sell on social media without feeling salesy or spammy. Jen is the host of The Social Jam, a growing Facebook community of women who are using social media to develop authentic, soulful relationships with collaborators and customers anywhere in the world.

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Learn about how to shift your focus on social media from followers to connections. Jen Conger walks you through her journey on how she built a successful business specializing in social media without having a huge following.

Jen shares her 3 part formula for generating actual sales from Instagram (CTC)

  1. Connection

    1. Instagram growth with an organic audience (no ads!)

    2. Commenting/talking  your ideal client

    3. Following and engaging with the right hashtags your ideal clients use

    4. Discover potential clients on influencers’ posts

  2. Trust

    1. Ask yourself how you can start earning your audience’s trust

    2. Start creating consistent content

    3. Make a plan to execute 

    4. Write relevant content to your ideal customer

  3. Conversation

    1. Take your content + trust to the next level

    2. Promoting your work and ways you can help people

    3. Start taking your conversations to the DMs

    4. If you’re feeling brave, meet up in person

Listen to the whole episode to get more details on her journey and what she did from quitting her 9-5 job to creating a sustainable business.

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