22: Can You Quit Your Job & Make a Living Blogging?

quit your job blogging.png

In this episode, Kameron sat down to chat with Logan Allec, owner of the personal finance blog MoneyDoneRight.com, about his journey from full-time CPA at a big firm to full-time self-employed blogger. You definitely won’t want to miss this one!

Inside the Episode

  • How a “try everything” spirit could lead you to your next professional opportunity 

  • Why entrepreneurialism is more trial-and-error and less about first-shot success

  • How to monetize a blog

  • What you need to know about affiliate networks 

  • How to learn from your competitors when you’re first starting out

  • How to cultivate a spirit of test, measure, optimize, repeat for continual growth

  • What channels you should consider investing in to grow your blog traffic

  • Why you should always be willing to pay for quality & expertise when hiring

  • How to prepare yourself financially before making the move to full-time entrepreneurship


Franzine Mackley